Washington D.C. is often thought of as a serious place only full of educational and political attractions. It might be surprising but, this city also is an excellent place for a romantic first date.  There are plenty of locations that can be considered as one of the best places for a first date in Washington D.C. Downtown D.C. is the best place to go for a romantic dinner. There are mostly fine dining choices in the area. With all of the large buildings and foot traffic, Downtown D.C. has its own unique elegance and charm. It is the perfect place to wine and dine for a sophisticated first date.

Capitol Hill is another good choice. With so many tourists in the area, many great restaurants are located within the area. There are also plenty of places to buy fresh flowers at the last minute. Some excellent wine bars are found in the Capitol Hill area, which are perfect venues to enjoy drinks and some nightlife after a romantic dinner.

Adams Morgan is another interesting area for a first date. Adams Morgan has plenty of historical value and quiet places to dine. Georgetown offers plenty of choices for a first date, including several parks with flowers that are nice for a leisurely walk or outdoor recreation. With such a wide array of venue choices, Georgetown is one of the best places for a first date in Washington D.C.

For special events in Washington D.C., Dupont Circle is a popular place. Tickets are usually not hard to buy, especially with 202area.com which offers many D.C. event tickets online. Some of the other popular attractions in Dupont Circle include unique restaurants, wine bars, and live music venues.

There are plenty of things to do in other Washington D.C. areas. When planning to attend one of the special events in Washington D.C. for a first date, always plan in advance. Tickets sell fast and venues fill quickly. If there are no special events in Washington D.C. available, there is still plenty of outdoor recreation and attractions for a first date. Rest assured that for a date or a fun day out, there are always plenty of interesting things to do in Washington D.C.