With the federal government's presence as one of the largest employers in Washington D.C., finding a full-time job in Washington D.C. can be easier than in many large U.S. cities for certain people. However, finding one of the city's top paying jobs can still be a challenge due to the high concentration of educated and dedicated people who come to D.C. to work on solving the nation's most pressing political problems.

Finding a full-time job in Washington D.C. is best accomplished through Internet job search websites like 202area.com. While jobs at all employers can be found in this manner, it bears noting that the federal government maintains its own job listings website, USAJobs, which can serve as an excellent supplementary resource. Some of the top paying jobs in Washington D.C. can be found just by browsing the Web.

Where your home and job will be located may be an important consideration for you. You will notice that certain kinds of employers tend to congregate in particular neighborhoods. For instance, some of the city's largest employers are located in Downtown D.C. Washington D.C. jobs located in Capitol Hill tend to include lobbying and nonprofit organizations who wish to take advantage of proximity to the U.S. Capitol.

Washington D.C. jobs in art galleries and architecture firms proliferate in Georgetown, while non-profits take advantage of lower rents in Dupont Circle or Adams Morgan. The service industry also has a strong presence in Adams Morgan, Downtown DC, and Georgetown, where many of the city's restaurants and hotels are located. It should be noted that it is an increasing trend among organizations who call the Washington D.C. area their home to locate all or part of their operations in nearby suburbs. However, Washington's robust public transportation system ensures that you can get to jobs in far-flung locations whether you live in Capitol Hill, or Dupont Circle, or Georgetown.